our story

Origin of the name Eligius:

St. Eligius is the inspiration behind our name and philosophy. St. Eligius is the Patron Saint of Metal Workers, most noted for his talent, honesty and compassion. He was an apprentice under a noted goldsmith, and came to be one of the best craftsmen of his time.

The Philosophy of Eligius Bronze:

Our Company was established in 1997 with every attention to detail. We create furniture and art of supreme quality and design, while not losing focus on honesty, integrity and compassion for our employees, artists, clients and community.

While keeping true to our traditional values and processes, we are continuing to grow and adapt our company in the always evolving world of art and design. We use the experiences of the past to embrace the ideas of the future. Eligius Bronze will always strive to offer unsurpassed customer service and support.


What Services Do We Provide?

As a full-service art studio, we provide everything you need including sculpting, mold making, casting, patina, basing, crating, and shipping worldwide.


How Do We Do It?

We utilize green sand molding and lost wax ceramic shell for our casting process. Our most widely used alloy is silicon bronze. Other alloys we also offer are aluminum bronze, manganese bronze and aluminum.

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We strive to produce timeless pieces that are destined to endure and be passed from generation to generation. Eligius Bronze recognizes our responsibility in helping conserve the environment. In order to keep scrap copper out of the land fills and reduce mining, we re-melt nearly all of our own scrap metal and purchase alloys from companies that use reclaimed metal in their process.

In an effort to be friendly to our earth, we have an in-shop recycling program for aluminum and plastic. Also, our shipping department reclaims 80% of cardboard boxes and packing materials to reuse in shipping out new product.